Cooking Fever Restaurants Walkthrough

The main selling point of Cooking Fever is that you will have access to a ton of restaurants in the game. You can manage different kinds of restaurants including small ones that serve basic meals such as hot dogs and hamburgers to famous, as well as high-class restaurants that serve expensive dishes. With this, you will be given varying amounts of challenges in managing these restaurants. Without further ado, here are the different restaurants in Cooking Fever:



City Restaurants

  1. Fast Food Court
  2. Bakery
  3. Chinese Restaurant
  4. Indian Diner
  5. Pizzeria
  6. Seafood Bistro
  7. Breakfast Cafe
  8. Sushi Restaurant
  9. FC Barcelona Sports Bar
  10. Hell’s Kitchen


Paradise Island Restaurants

  1. Ice Cream Bar
  2. Corn Dog Van
  3. Paradise Cocktail Bar
  4. Cafe Mexicana
  5. House of Crab
  6. Sunset Waffles


Alpine Mountains Restaurants

  1. Smokey Grill BBQ
  2. Italian Buffet
  3. Salad Bar
  4. Aloha Bistro
  5. Michelle’s Café


You will start with an access to the Bakery in the City. You will have to work your way up in order for you to access more restaurants in the higher levels of the game. You can view your stats in the restaurant to know how much experience points you need to proceed to the next level. In each restaurant, you are required to do kitchen and interior upgrades to help you complete the challenges. There are different areas in the kitchen that you can upgrade such as the beverage dispenser, kitchen tabletop, main ingredient storage, special food, and the cooking area. Upgrading the equipment will increase your stats to help you level up faster.


The game is being updated all the time and there are more restaurants being added, so you better check out here more often for more updates. Meanwhile, head on to our guide on how to win Cooking Fever for strategies that will help you in the game. You can also check our article for tips and tricks on leveling up.  Download Cooking Fever on your PC today for free!

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