Is it Possible to Have a Baby in Avakin Life?

Avakin Life is a game where you can live another life that is based on your own preferences. Therefore, you can break away from real life and live out your dreams and fantasies in this virtual world. That includes creating your own look, going out and making friends, dating and being in a virtual relationship, and marrying someone in the Avakin world (Yes, you can do that. Check out this guide!).

However, some couples would love to settle down and take their married life to the next level by having a baby together. So, the question is, is it possible to have a baby in Avakin Life?
Before we answer that question, it is important to note some facts so that we can avoid asking related questions. Avakin Life is a life simulation game that is geared toward teenagers. Therefore, the target audiences for the game are teens, and the developers are expecting that kids will play their game. In order to the game to have a teen rating the app stores, they need to provide game content that is suitable for their target market. That is why Avakin Life can have some limitations in the game to make it safe for teenagers.


One of those limitations is having a baby in the game.

The answer to the question if it is possible to have a baby in the game is a big NO! Because the game is made for teenagers, adding that kind of feature in the story can be inappropriate for kids. Maybe, the developers are playing it safe so that they can keep their teen rating.
Do not be sad, because there are workarounds, but it does not work in a way that you are expecting it to be. One of the workarounds is to have someone whom you can do role playing with. It means that you can chat with someone and play as if you have a baby with him or her.
Although it can be tedious, at least you can have a way to experience having a baby in Avakin Life. Check out more Avakin Life tricks or you can use the Avakin Life FAQ section to answer your burning questions!

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