Guide to Streaming Music in Avakin Life

Music is an essential element of any game. Some developers hire professional music companies to produce music for their games because music brings life to the game by conveying the emotions in different scenes of the game. Try playing a game without music, and you will definitely quit in a matter of minutes due to the lack of engagement.
Aside from the in-game music, there are also games that offer the players to create their own music playlists by letting them compile and select available music in the game. Others go beyond this and they allow users to import their own music to the game.
Fortunately for music lovers, Avakin Life lets you stream internet radio into the game! You can now play your favorite music in different locations in the virtual world by purchasing a streaming music player which will cost you around 2,000 coins. You can buy this in the section for the Streaming Music of the Furniture Avakin Shop.



How to Stream Music in Your Private Spaces


The streaming music player plays a variety of music using the SHOUTcast online radio service. There are currently streaming music stereos to choose from the Avakin store. To activate the player, follow these simple steps:

  • Select the streaming music player
  • Tap the Interact tab
  • Tune your online radio streaming provider
  • Pick the music that you want to play
  • Listen and enjoy!


You can also customize your music player to match the look of your apartment. Whatever your decoration is, you can choose from a variety of unique skins to match the decoration of your private space.
Playing with a customized playlist and integrating an online streaming service lets you play Avakin Life in a way that is more enjoyable than before. But of course, there are many more ways you can enjoy this amazing RPG! Add friends and form bonds with other players as you socialize and mingle around, or dress up and show off your impeccable fashion sense!

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