Getting Married in Avakin Life

Much like any simulation game, Avakin Life lets you have a complete control over your virtual self or the character that you made, in every action and decision that you make inside the game. You can connect to your friends, make more friends with people around the world, dating and having a virtual partner, and of course, getting your own virtual wedding.

Now, if you are planning to have a grand wedding complete with an extravagant ceremony, flashy wedding rings, and fashionable wedding suit or gown, you can have your own virtual wedding at the Herington Hall.

Herington Hall is a great place in Avakin Life to hold your wedding because it offers unlimited options for your dream ceremony. It boasts of majestic gardens with an impressive landscape. Herington Hall is the home of beautiful locations where you can hold your grand virtual wedding including:


Herington Hall Wedding Venue

This stunning English country house is where you can create everlasting memories of your celebration. The splendid hall is the perfect stage to show your love for your partner witnessed by your amazed guests.

Herington Hall Garden

Be one with nature as you and your partner share the blessings of matrimony in the lush gardens of Herington Hall. You can have the biggest event in your life shared with nature as birds sing in the background. Feel the rustling wind in your face as you and your loved one hold hands and whisper “I do” to each other.

Herington Hall Hedge Maze

Herington Hall Hedge Maze can be accessed in the Mystery Box. You can have a unique wedding in this love labyrinth. Get lost in its mazes with your partner so that you can have an alone time with him or her.

In order to get married in Avakin Life, go to the Partners menu and propose to your partner. If they accepted, you can now proceed to prepare to plan your wedding ceremony.

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