Can I Kiss Someone in Avakin Life?

You know that you can already date or marry someone in the Avakin world. However, dating and expressing your love to your Avakin partner will not be complete if you can’t kiss him or her. If you are looking for a way to kiss your partner, you are in the right place because we have some suggestions for you!


Step-by-Step Instructions to Kiss in Avakin Life


  • It is important for you and your partner to have the Cheek Kiss animation for this trick to work
  • To initiate the kiss, select the Cheek Kiss animation while standing next to your partner
  • In order for the kiss animation to look great, you and your partner should do the Cheek Kiss animation at the same time

Aside from the Cheek Kiss animation, you can also do other kiss animation in the game. There are also lots of other kiss animations that you can buy in the Avakin Shop. The “Mistletoe Kiss,” however, is available in the Mystery Box. It’s up to you to choose which animation shows your love best for your partner.
There is also a workaround if you or your partner do not have the kiss animations. Since Avakin Life is a role-playing game, you can do the “kissing” in the chat box. You can type the word “kisses” followed by the username of your partner. This is a simpler way because you don’t need to buy the kiss animation from the store.
Now that you know how to kiss in Avakin life, you can go ahead and make a smooch to your virtual partner! While you are at it, why not take your relationship a notch higher? You can reach multiple relationship milestones with guides like Getting Married in Avakin Life and Is it Possible to Have a Baby in Avakin Life?

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