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Avakin Life is the 3D simulation game that offers immersive and fun experience. It already has millions of active players, and you’ll understand why it is so popular once you download the game on your PC/Mac. In Avakin Life, you can create your own avatar, dress it up with whatever style that you want, and live the life of your dreams! You can be someone else in Avakin Life, and there is almost no limit on what you can do in the Avakin virtual world.
Discover new places and make friends with anyone in the world. You can communicate with your friends using the interactive live chat in the game. Join events, contests to earn rewards and prizes that you can use to customise  your avatar.
If you want to know more about Avakin Life, you can find lots of articles here that answer the frequently asked questions about the game. Need help in getting clothes for your shop? We’ve got a guide for you. Want to stream music into the game? Check our article about that. Our Avakin Life FAQ section will help you get your needed information about the game.
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Introduction to Avakin Life

What is Avakin Life? Avakin Life is the popular simulation game that you’ve been hearing from your friends for a long time. This 3D virtual simulation is brought to you by Lockwood Publishing Ltd., a developer based in Nottingham, England. In Avakin Life, you can immerse yourself in a virtual world that offers fun and […]

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Getting Married in Avakin Life

Much like any simulation game, Avakin Life lets you have a complete control over your virtual self or the character that you made, in every action and decision that you make inside the game. You can connect to your friends, make more friends with people around the world, dating and having a virtual partner, and […]

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Avakin Life Clothes Guide

In Avakin Life, you will have the chance to be anyone that you want to be with the thousands of customization options available in the game. You can create your own avatar with facial features that suit your preferences. Most importantly, you can dress your avatar with an endless number of clothes and create a […]

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What Can You Expect in the Avakin Life New Updates?

The new version of Avakin Life brings more improvements over previous versions. The game has previously been littered with bugs that ruin the fun for many players. In the new update, these bugs have been fixed giving you a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay.   The new update of Avakin Life also brings more options […]

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Adding Friends in Avakin Life

Adding friends in Avakin Life increases your social circle and gives you more people to interact with. What is life without friends, right? Even if it is a virtual life, it can be lonely if you do not have friends to communicate with. Besides, that is the point of 3D simulation games – to discover […]

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