Top 8 Ball Tips to Win the Game

8 Ball Pool is a highly popular billiards sports game played in PC, Android, and iOs devices. With more than a hundred million downloads, this game by developer Miniclip has players from all over the world with different skill levels from newbies to experts.


Winning matches and tournaments can be difficult especially in big-ticket games where the stakes are high. That is when these tips can come in handy. If you want to learn different ways to help increase your chances of winning, read more of our top tips to help you win at 8 Ball Pool.

  • Save up coins to buy a better cue stick. Earning more coins can be difficult but it is so important in the game because you can use it to enter one-on-one matches and tournaments. Another very important use of coins is new cue sticks with a boost in time, aim, power, and spin. To know which cue stick to buy, you should find what your strengths and weaknesses while playing the game are. For instance, you always run out of time, so naturally, you should choose a stick that extends your time. To learn more about them, read our post on 8 Ball Pool cues.


  • Practice offline. Especially if you are an absolute beginner, practicing matches online is a great way to learn about the game without spending Pool Coins. You can learn how to use the 8 Ball Pool guideline, how much power you should exert, how to aim, what spin is and how to use it and the angles to use to help pot balls.


  • Learn to control your power. One area beginners usually get wrong is the use of power. Often, players use too much power which can result in the potting the cue ball and giving the opponent an upper hand. Sometimes, the slightest touch is all you need to successfully pot your assigned balls.


  • Use the spin. Spin can be a tricky technique but all the best players use it and it can change your 8 Ball Pool fortunes. How do you use spin? See that cue ball in the lower right corner with a red dot? You can adjust it to change the spin direction. Cool tip: Move the dot to the top for a topspin and to the bottom for a backspin.



  • Learn the game rules. This tip is really, really important. You must first know the rules of the game so you can avoid fouls and auto-win for the opponent. In a nutshell, each player will be assigned either the spotted or striped balls depending on what you or the opponent potted during the second shot. You have to pot all the designated ball before you can pot the 8 Ball. If you do that, you win. If you pot the cue ball, your player gets the ball in hand. If you pot the 8 Ball while breaking, you win the round. If you pot it before clearing all the other balls, you lose the game.


Make sure to read more tips and techniques in our 8 Ball FAQs page to help increase your chances of winning!

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