Tips to Get 8 Ball Pool Free Coins

From the developers, MiniClip, comes the widely popular billiard sports game, 8 Ball Pool. If you are a fan of playing pool, you will surely enjoy it. You can play the game whenever and wherever by downloading in your Android or Apple devices, web and PC.

There are two 8 Ball Pool game options you can play. If you want to compete with another player, you can choose one-on-one matches but if you want to join bigger groups of players, there are tournaments you can play.

To enter one-on-one matches, you just need to click play and select from 8 city locations where you want to play. Depending on which venue you choose, you would have to pay an entry fee using Pool Coins. The more expensive the fee for entrance is, the higher the prize you can receive if you win.

For a more challenging game, you can choose to play in tournaments against seven other players. Like one-on-one matches, you also need to pay an entrance fee. The higher the stakes, the bigger the prizes. For instance, to enter a tournament in London, you need to shell out 200 Pool Coins for a chance to earn 1,000 Pool Coins. If you select a location with a higher prize, you also need to pay more. For a tournament in Tokyo, you need to pay 10,000 but the prize if you win is 60,000 Pool Coins.

If you are new to the game, you probably do not have that much Pool Coins. To get them fast, you can purchase Pool Coins with your own money. If you are looking for ways to get 8 Ball Pool free coins, these are the things you can do:


  • Redeem free coins often. One of the easiest ways to earn free coins is to click the free coins button on the main screen. You will earn 25 free coins every 30 minutes on a desktop and one hour on mobile. You can do this as often and there is no claim limit for the free coins.


  • Watch short advertisements. Watching 30-second ads can also help you earn more coins. Click the “Free Coins” button that appears on your screen and watch as often as you are allowed.


  • Daily Spin. You are allowed one daily spin where you can win up to 50,000 Pool Coins and other prizes. Make sure to use your free Spin and Win every day to get more chances to win coins.


  • Win one-on-one matches. Naturally, the more matches you win, the more coins you earn. Keep competing with other players to earn more coins.


  • Log in to your Facebook account. By using your Facebook as your login, you earn 5 Pool Cash, earn coins by the hour and get some free gifts.



There are many ways to earn 8 Ball Pool free coins but it includes working for it like playing as many one-on-one matches, practicing your skills and winning competitions. Once you learn your playing technique, victory in matches and tournaments will be easier and free coins will come faster.

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