Tips for Winning the 8 Ball Pool Championships Every Time

If you like playing pool, you will surely enjoy this highly-popular billiards game — 8 Ball Pool.


There are two types of game modes in 8 Ball Pool.

By selecting one-on-one matches, you can compete with another player on any of eight different cities. Each city has an entrance fee which you can pay using 8 Ball Pool Coins. If you win the match, you earn coins as prizes. How much the prize depends on how much the entrance is as well.


The other game mode is the tournament. In this type of competition, you play against more players in different city locations. Like one-on-one matches, you have to pay entrance fees that vary on price. The more expensive cities also give out higher prizes.


To enter high stake matches, you must have more coins. Read our article about 8 Ball Pool free coins for tips and tricks in earning free coins to use for matches, tournaments, upgrading your cue sticks, table and avatar.


There is no easy way to win in both the matches and tournaments. You must first learn how to play the game. If you are new to 8 Ball Pool, here is a quick summary of the gameplay:


  • Breaking off. If you get to break off the game and pot one or more balls, you get another round.


  • Which balls to aim for. Your next turn after breaking off determines which balls you need to pot depending on which one you pot. You can either target striped or spotted balls.


  • Your turn. During your turn, you must target the ball assigned to you on a limited amount of time. If you run out of time or pot the other player’s ball, they get the ball in hand.


  • Ball in hand. You can move the cue ball anywhere.


  • To win. You must pot all the balls assigned to you then finally pot the 8 Ball. You cannot pot the 8 Ball before you have all the balls in.


How do you win matches and tournaments? Here are some tips:


  1. Save up coins to upgrade your cue stick and pool table. 8 Ball Pool cues have unique properties that vary per stick. Upgrade your pool stick to help you win matches.


  1. Practice, practice, practice. Nothing beats trying to learn your playing technique better. Compete in many games before trying out higher stake matches. You can also practice offline without internet. Once you know your game style, you can tweak the sensitivity and customize your cue stick.


  1. Use the Focus mode. If you really want to concentrate on the game without any distractions, you can select Focus Mode and it will block out notifications and icons on your device during that time.



  1. When breaking, use full power to increase chances of potting a ball.


  1. Learn to use spin, practice on your aim and adjust the power accordingly. Also, turn on vibrate so you will get notified when your time is almost up.


Do you want more techniques in winning the game? Visit our 8 Ball Pool FAQ page today! Start playing 8 Ball Pool on PC now!

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