Tips and Hacks to Get an 8 Ball Pool Auto Win

Billiard lovers everywhere are invited to play the highly popular sports game by Miniclip, 8 Ball Pool. With over a hundred million downloads, join in the fun now and play 8 Ball Pool!


If you are looking for a competitive yet simple pool game, then this is the right one for you! You can compete against beginners and absolute veterans in two different 8 Ball Pool game options. Either compete with another player on a one-on-one match or with seven other players in tournaments.

To enter matches and tournaments, you need to pay an entrance fee. The amount varies depending on the city location and the higher the fee, the bigger the prizes are. To pay for the entrance, you need to have Pool Coins which you can also earn by winning in games. To learn more about 8 Ball Pool free coins, you can read one of our other 8 Ball Pool FAQs.


To know about 8 Ball Pool auto win, you must first understand the mechanics of the game. In a nutshell, the objective of the game is to pot all balls assigned to you so that you can pot the 8 Ball. You get penalties if you do the following: Pot the cue ball, pot your opponent’s assigned balls, run out of time, and if you are unable to come in contact with any of the balls. You lose the round if you pot the 8 Ball before clearing all your designated balls. There is one exception to that rule: if you get an auto win.


So how do you get an auto win in 8 Ball Pool? You achieve the coveted victory if you can pot the 8 Ball only during breaking. Sounds simple enough? Yes. But it is by no means easy.



To be able to pot the 8 Ball upon breaking, you need a well-calculated combination of spin, aim, and power. The trial and error method is the best way to know exactly how much spin you need or where to aim and how strong you must hit the balls.


So, in order to be an 8 Ball Pool auto win pro, you need to practice, practice, practice. It is the only way you will know your winning shot. Do not stress yourself too much though. Remember, even expert players find it hard to make that shot.


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