Different 8 Ball Pool Game Options You Should Know

8 Ball Pool is one of the most popular billiard sports games available online. With more than a hundred million downloads, players can play pool with anyone from anywhere in the world. You can compete with veteran players and newbies alike.


The objectives of the game are the same if you are playing 8 Ball in a physical location. There are two types of balls, the spotted and striped balls. There are two sets of numbers between one to seven, and another set from nine to 15. You are assigned which types of balls to hit based on what you pot on the second turn after breaking. You must pot all the balls assigned to you before targeting the 8 Ball. Once you get all your balls out and pot the 8 Ball successfully, you win the game.


There are different instances when you lose your turn or the opponent gets the ball in hand. When your turn runs out, when the cue ball does not hit anything, and when you do not hit even the rails of the table are all fouls that result to the opponent getting the turn. Potting the 8 Ball before other balls, potting the cue ball, and potting a cue ball before the 8 Ball all result to the opponent winning the game.


Other things you need to consider are Pool Coins, winning championships and upgrading your tools such as cue sticks. Read our posts on 8 Ball Pool free coins and everything you need to know about the 8 Ball Pool Cues.


There are two ways to compete against other players. The two 8 Ball Pool game options are one-on-one matches and tournaments.


By selecting one-on-one matches, you can compete with other players and choose from eight different cities. Each location has an entrance fee which you can pay with Pool Coins. The entrance cost varies per site and the higher the fee is, the larger the prize you can receive.


If you want to compete with more players, you can join the tournaments. Similar to one-on-one matches, there is an entrance fee per location. This more challenging game option has higher prizes and offers you the opportunity to play with seven other players.


These are the game locations you can enter courtesy of Miniclip:

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