Choosing the Best 8 Ball Pool Cues for You

There are two 8 Ball Pool game options. Players can either choose one-on-one matches or join tournaments. You can play against another player or seven others in different city locations. To enter a match or tournament, you have to pay an entrance fee. Each site has different rates and the more expensive the entrance is, the higher the prizes are.


To pay for the entrance fee, you need Pool Coins which you can earn after winning games or claim every 30 minutes by clicking the Free Coins icon. Another use of Pool Coins is for buying cue sticks with power-ups. Because cue sticks can sometimes be expensive, you need to save up on Pool Coins to buy the right stick for you.


If you want 8 Ball Pool free coins, read one of our articles to help you earn coins to join levels and buy better sticks to increase your chances of winning. Do you want to know why you need to upgrade your cue stick and how to decide what type you need? Read more to find out.


The default cue stick you have when you are just starting out is okay if you are competing in low-ticket matches. But when you start joining tournaments with expert opponents, you need help to win the round. 8 Ball Pool cues have additional strengths in Aim, Spin, Time, and Force.



To know which cue you should buy, first, let us talk about the four characteristics of the cues. Aim is the length of your 8 Ball Pool guideline while Force is the power your shot has. Spin determines how much spin your ball will have and Time means the amount of time you have during your turn to take the shot.


Depending on your playing style, you can choose cues to help boost your strengths or decrease your weaknesses. For instance, you always run out of time while taking your shot. You can select cue sticks with more Time power-ups so you would not have to lose a turn. If you are really good at long shots then go with cue sticks having higher Aim.


You learn your unique style of playing as you practice and practice in the game. Experiment with different styles and save up on Pool Coins. It will be an investment that is really worth it!


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