8 Ball Pool Rewards You Should Know About

8 Ball Pool is a billiards sports game developed by Miniclip. With over 100 million downloads, available on PC, Android, and iOs devices, this game has players from different parts of the world. If you love billiards then you will surely enjoy this game.


There are two game options on 8 Ball Pool. You can play one-on-one against another player or with seven other players in a tournament. To enter a game, you have to select which city location to play at. Each site has an entrance fee which differs depending on the city. To pay for the entrance fee, you need Pool Coins which you can earn by winning in the games, collect every 30 minutes by clicking Free Coins, and by watching short ads. To learn more about 8 Ball Free Coins, read one of our articles.


Pool Coins are really important in the game because you use them to join matches and tournaments, buy pool tables, and purchase pool sticks that help you in winning more games and leveling up.


Another way to earn those free coins is through the different rewards you can get from the game. Read more to learn about all the 8 Ball Pool rewards you can get.


Match and Tournaments

One of the best ways to earn rewards is to win matches and tournaments. For each win, you get a prize. The higher the entrance is, the bigger the rewards. In general, tournaments have more rewards than matches but is also more challenging.


For instance, if you join a one-on-one match in Dubai, you pay an entrance of 500,000 Pool Coins for a chance to win 1,000,000 Pool Coins. But if you join a tournament in Tokyo and shell out 10,000 Pool Coins, you can earn 60,000 which is more than double your entrance fee.


Weekly Rewards

Another excellent way to earn coins and win rewards is through the Weekly Rewards where you get a free reward once a week by simply logging in.


Spin and Win

Every 24 hours, you get an opportunity to play Spin and Win where you can win different prizes up to 50,000 Pool Coins. There are also other rewards up for grabs such as the Lucky 8 Cue, free spins and scratches.


Scratch and Win

Like Spin and Win, you get the chance to get rewards and prizes with Scratch and Win by matching the blocks you have scratched. If you get three matches, you earn a reward.



If you make it to the weekly My League, or the Friends, Country or Global leaderboards, you get a reward. For tips and ways to win, read our post on 8 Ball Pool Championships.


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