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Whether you park it, drive it, or even crash it, Games.lol has some of the best and free car games to date. Our car racing titles are so addictive that you will find yourself playing hours after hours. Jump into the driver’s seat and burn some rubber now!

Do you enjoy driving car games like Lamborghini games? Does the idea of hitting the road and burning some rubber excite you? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Games.lol offers some of the best and most exciting driving and flying car games. You can quickly go from 0 to 60 mph in mere seconds in the car racing challenges. Learn some drifting techniques and show off your driving skills with our extensive list of drifting games. You even kill the undead in zombie car games. There are infinite possibilities when it comes to the amount of fun that you can get in these car driving and racing games. If you are looking for car wash games that mostly caters to girls, you might want to look elsewhere because what we have here are intense car crash driving games.

Pump up your adrenaline and test your mad driving skills with Need For Speed: No Limits. If you are into drifts and other circuit tricks, then you will fall in love with Donuts Drift. Or perhaps you are into racing and killing mobs of enemies? If so, Fastlane: Road to Revenge can hook you up!

Do not worry – all of our car crash games are easy to learn and control. More importantly, they are free to download! You can play them in a matter of seconds. Mind you, some of our free car games allow you to experience the thrill of modifying the environment, pumping your vehicle, and racing with other players. You can also play these car games in your car while battling heavy traffic. Go on hours after hours of countless fun – download and play one of our car driving games now! Simply click on any one of the game icons to start!


Top 3 Car Games We Recommend


Fastlane: Road to Revenge


Fastlane Youtubers game download free

Fastlane: Road to Revenge has to be one of the best unblocked car games because of its explosive gameplay! It will give you the adrenaline rush through its high-octane arcade racing action. Fastlane is unlike any free racing game that you have ever played, its addicting gameplay will want you to just race and blast your enemies away for hours.

With more than 20 rare cars and 10 powerful UAVs, you will have the best time of your life destroying your opponent’s vehicles. Equip your cars with weapons and customize your awesome rides as much as you want. If you are looking for an explosive car racing game, you are in for one hell of a ride. There are 30 player leagues that you can compete with increasing difficulty as you progress through the game. Play Fastlane: Road to Revenge online and challenge millions of players worldwide. You can also play the game in offline mode and complete hundreds of campaigns and missions in this free racing game. Eliminate 11 evil bosses and claim your spot as the most dangerous car racer in the world.

Become the world’s greatest RC car racer in this number one car driving game Fastlane: Road to Revenge.


Donuts Drift


Racing into one of the top spots for race car games is Donuts Drift from mobile developer VOODOO. Donuts Drift is a fun and unique car driving game where you are in a race against time and fuel to claim the crown as the greatest Drift King. This game will give you an amazing flying car racing experience that you have not experienced before.

Donuts Drift features a rather simplistic and minimalistic graphics, straightforward gameplay, and just two buttons to control your car. To win in the game, you need to drift your car around a circle and gather all the points that you can in a circular motion. Leave skid marks and watch your vehicle go crazy as you complete all the tasks for each level. Donuts Drift is a great drifting game to kill your time while you are waiting for your stop or while you are in a boring meeting. With 45 various tracks that you can choose from, Donuts Drift will keep you entertained for lots of hours. Collect different vehicles and climb the scoreboard ass you drift and gather points. Show your drifting skills in this unique and fantastic car racing game especially made for car drifting fanatics.


Need for Speed™ No Limits


Need for Speed No Limits Download Online PC

Do we even need to make an introduction? Car racing players will definitely know the Need for Speed™ franchise by heart. Making an entry into our top 3 car games is one of the most recent additions to the list of car games that redefine the genre, Need for Speed™ No Limits. As with the other car racing games in the franchise, Need for Speed™ No Limits will give you an unrestricted control over the customization of your vehicles and lets you collect amazing cars that you can only dream of. There is no limit to the amount of entertainment and excitement that you will get in Need for Speed™ No Limits. This game is the best Lamborghini game out there!

Prove that you are the king of the streets using your incredible driving skills and awesome rides. There are three main game modes in Need for Speed™ No Limits – Campaign, Car Series, and Rival. Complete the challenges in each game mode and receive rewards that you can use to upgrade and customize the different parts of your cars such as the wheels, body, paint, engine, and more! Eliminate the competition and race towards the finish line in this free racing game that will make your heart jump with its fast gaming action. Be prepared for some car crash and police cars in this fun car game that has been providing us the thrilling excitement for years.


Hop onto your favorite Car game and start playing now!


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