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The Troopers Mercenaries

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The Troopers Mercenaries Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Take Out Deadly Enemies as a Team in The Troopers: Mercenaries! | Play Online on PC for Free!

Why go in guns blazing all by yourself when you can have a squad blazing with you? The Troopers: Mercenaries is an Action RPG game that blends together auto-played turn-based strategy, explosive shootouts, and funny action movie cliché!


Play as a team of 4 ragtag soldiers going all over the world as mercenaries, taking out foes from the sneakiest guerillas to the leaders of criminal organizations.


Customize your squad with a variety of soldiers from angry heavy machine gunners, suave snipers, bad-ass engineers and assassins who don’t say a word.


The game is littered with all kinds of challenges from the endless sprawl of single-player stages, seasonal events with exclusive items and troopers, and a dedicated PVP mode!


Download one of the best free RPG games, now available on PC!



The Troopers: Mercenaries Game Features:


Hilarious Action Movie References Set in a Cartoony Theme

The most iconic aspect of The Troopers: Mercenaries is its cast of over-the-top yet quirky group of soldiers you can play as. Hire soldiers whose character designs are reminiscent of the likes of John Rambo, The Terminator, Walker: Texas Ranger, and the mercenaries from The Expendables.


Recruit Soldiers with Different Class Types

You can hire troops to your team by either opening up lootboxes from the shop, doing achievements, and participating in events! Get a wide range of mercenaries who are tier-based from Common to Legendary. Mix and match your troops from the loudest to the calmest regular America GI Joe, a macho guerilla, a collected engineer, a cool sniper, and a silent ninja.



Rewards everywhere!

The Troopers: Mercenaries is quite generous when it comes to giving out free stuff. Even if you don’t pay for the game, it still rewards you with plenty of great perks!

  • Join seasonal Events to get a chance to acquire season-exclusive content such as themed costumes, Legendary items, and new soldiers!
  • Each mission is a map full of cash and gold to collect! Don’t ever miss them if you can!
  • PVP awards you with larger payout than what you normally get in single player missions! If you manage to defeat anyone with a higher rank, that payout is doubled!


Challenges from Every Corner!

Don’t let the cartoon theme fool you. Beyond the humor lies gameplay that requires you to make the wisest decisions in order to advance through the game. Make sure your soldiers are well-equipped with the best items you have before sending them off into the battlefield! As much as single player missions can be difficult, so can the PVP matches. Don’t expect your enemy players go easy on you as they too have outfitted their mercs with the most righteous of equipment!



The Troopers: Mercenaries Tips and Tricks:


Take advantage of all the bonuses in the game

As we have previously mentioned, The Troopers: Mercenaries rewards players with lots of perks even if no real money is involved. We’ll show you the basic tips on how to make the most out of the game without spending a single dime.

  • Always check your Shop everyday. There’s always going to be two lootboxes waiting for you: the daily chest and the ad chest.
  • The daily chest will always contain 4 different items. Most of them will always be Common tier but if you’re lucky enough to hit the 1%, you’ll get yourself a Legendary!
  • The ad chest is simple: you watch a 30-second ad and you get 4 cards. The probability for getting Rare or Legendary cards here may be smaller but at least you still get additional bonuses.



Always make varied classes in your squad

Variety will make the most damage in the game. Mix together an assault grunt, a sniper/assassin, an engineer and a heavy gunner to have a good mix of damage and utilities.


Count your steps carefully

The game has an energy-based system. Each move you step into the map, your energy is deducted by a point. If you happen to be in a map in which the recommended level is higher than you, don’t mind the cash floating around in the map. Just follow the enemies till you get to the last boss. You can always repeat the map again and collect the cash and coins once you have beaten the mission.



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